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1. Rotary Crushed Coconut Oil

Abiruchi's Rotary Crushed Coconut oil is a highly nutritious oil produced crushing copra, the dried Kernal, from 100% pure coconuts enriched with Vitamin E. We assure you that the coconuts are handpicked and are checked for quality before the process. Our oil is neither bleached nor does it go any deodorizing process resulting in the long-lasting fresh aroma of pure and natural coconut oil. Our oil is crystal-clear transparent, colour and smells as good as the Copra.

  • Rich in lauric acid, which is a wonderful chemical compound with immense health benefits.
  • Besides from using as a flavour enchanter and in cuisines, our Rotary Crushed Coconut oil stands as a staple ingredient in beauty products.
  • Stands as a remedy for treating illness, healing wounds and protecting skin against infections.
  • Our Rotary Crushed Coconut oil does not produce fat or cholesterol and hence aids in promoting good health.

With these extraordinary properties, rotary Crushed coconut oil is enriched with nutrients.

How Abiruchi's Rotary Crushed Oil is processed.

  1. Converting handpicked quality checked coconut into Copra
  2. Breaking the dried coconuts into fine particles to ensure the complete crushing.
  3. Extraction of oil from the crusher.
  4. Filtering oil through sedimentation of solid particles for fewer days to settle in tanks.
  5. The final stage of filtering confirming even the finest parts are removed carefully and then to the storage tank.
  6. Hygienically packed assuring the promising quality.
coconut oil

2. Expeller Crushed Coconut Oil

Our Expeller Crushed Coconut oil is naturally processed coconut oil without the use of chemicals or any harsh solvents. Our Expeller Crushed Coconut Oil is commonly used for edible, cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.

Since the oil is produced from fresh coconuts, a lot of natural nutrition is left in the oil. This includes a lot of antioxidant properties that your health would ask for.

sunflower oil

3.Refined Sunflower Oil

Abiruchi's Refined sunflower uses the best ingredients which passes through an advanced filtering process and stringent quality control tests to give you the best. Abiruchi's Refined Sunflower oil does not contain any saturated fat and hence helps in controlling cholesterol level in your body. It is also rich in antioxidants.


4.Refined Palm Oil

Our Refined palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp fruit of the oil palm which contains excellent oxidative properties with the best texture and colour. Abiruchi's highly affordable Refined Palmolein oil can be used for both home cooking and industrial purposes. Abiruchi's refined palm oil brings you the goodness of supreme quality palms from God's Own Country.

Abiruchi Benefits:

  • The fatty acids in coconut oil encourages your body to burn fat, and provide quick energy to your body and brain.
  • Boost heart health and Immunity
  • Raise HDL (good) cholesterol
  • Treats Acne
  • Helps as a Moisturiser for dry skin
  • Prevents and treat rashes
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Reduces Protein Loss
  • Hair loss prevention
  • Acts as a moisturizer for their sensitive skin.
  • Good for Baby Massage
  • Good for Eczema and other skin diseases
  • Prevents the occurrence and spread of diaper rash